Get Tab

Get is an inbound action to download (pickup) file from Thru MFT Transport.

Streaming method is used, no limits on file size.

It is also used to get File metadata.

• Thru MFT API returns only one file per request.
• The user should specify the Transport code in the parameter value for File pick up operation.
• The user should specify the FileCode in the parameter value for FileMetadata operation.

If the above mentioned parameters are not set the connector returns an error message.

If the Get operation is successful for a file operation the file is returned in binary format along with the Filename and File code as the document properties in the output.

File metadata operation returns a JSON output with the all the available details for the corresponding Filecode provided in the input parameter for the Filemetadata operation.

Illustration 1: Pickup (get Operation with File Option)

Illustration 2: FileMetadata (get Operation with Metadata Option)