The Thru MFT (Managed File Transfer) Connector provides out-of-the-box file exchange for your Boomi processes via Thru’s MFT platform.

By connecting a Boomi process to Thru’s unique cloud-native MFT Platform you take your file transfer to a new level with unparalleled monitoring and control across all lines of business.

Easily design, build and integrate high volume file transfers into any Boomi process with Thru MFT:

  • Instantly scalable, cloud-native file exchange platform where you pay for what you need
  • Reliable file exchange between partners and your Boomi processes with audits, alerts and replay
  • Partner self-management with onboarding, subscriptions, reusable endpoints and support
  • Centralized system of record to mitigate risks
  • Real-time, end-to-end processing dashboards to monitor and control all file transfers
  • Separation of data processing in Boomi process from file transfers
  • Unified Boomi connector for file pickup, drop off and exception handling